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A Bad Day

Well for the third time this week my wife has had a panic attack, thrown up and spent the day in bed.

Left me to deal with everything.

Unlike this diary though, these events have been going on years and in the past I would just rush around keeping everything afloat making myself ill with worry and fatigue in the process.

So today I decided to make sure my children had a good day at the park riding their bikes, got my mum to and back from her hair appointment all of these things my wife should have done by the way.

Did a workout and actually worked for about 4 hours (thank God as someone has to earn a living in this house)

Watched a movie with the kids and got them to bed (just a few moments ago – Don’t tell anyone how late it is – Shhh)

In between all this I made it blatent that if my wife really was so ill to spend 3 days in bed and not actually make a doctors appointment she kept, she would need to dial 111 as she was either blagging it of if truly ill, needed some medical intervention

She did and they referred her back to her GP who in their words had duty of care until 6:30pm

He rang or should I say A GP rang who was obviously not aware of my wifes history and just gave her some more meds to help with sickness.

I tried talking to him, explain my wife’s history as he was not her normal GP, explain that she was not capable to look after children in her state and what if I had a misap, BLAH BLAH BLAH and he asked me, “what do you want me to do?”

This is the point when you think… (Make your own mind up to what I was thinking)


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