About Me

Why did I start this diary?

Well I am not sure anyone will bother reading it,

Why bother?

My life isn’t really interesting, I am not famous or anything. I haven’t even been in the crowd at X-Factor or Big Brother.

To be honest I am not the best writer. I am always getting picked up on puntuaction and spelling.

And why did it take me so long to start ( I have no idea).

I was gobsmacked life as a carer.com was free

Then I thought that’s because all the carers are too busy caring or working or surviving.

So as I seem to have bagged it while slinking off my duties – I hope I can do some justice with it.

Who do I care for?

I have a wife who has never really recovered from losing our third child and has been suffering from a range of issues from panic attacks, depression, alcoholism and maxing out credit cards on the quiet.

Our other two children have a diagnosis of ASD.

Oh and not forgetting¬† my lovely mum who has lived with us for several months and has a recent diagnosis of alzheimer’s.

We all currently live under the same roof which makes daily life intense and I am the only one suprise suprise with a driving licence so anytime someone needs to be somewhere, It is via me.

With this hodge podge of a family there is no such thing as a normal day.

I also have a nagging worry about starting to forget things myself.

So that is why I have started this diary.

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