I learnt a new word today – Anosognosia.

This word has given me hope and I will learn as much about it as I can

I just want to say my mum has had memory issues for several years now and in the last few weeks been given the diagnosis of alzheimer disease.

She has been living with us since February 2016 and life is often very difficult and upsetting in attempting to look after her.

My family had always thought she had, and is in denial of having the illness.

As a light is switch on, so is my new awareness following the discovery of the word anosognosia.

But thanks to the following quote from a blogger I now know the following

“Denial is a strategy used to reject something that a person wants to ignore or avoid because it is too difficult to face. Anosognosia, on the other hand, is being unaware of a decline in cognitive skills.”

Armed with this knowledge, I have started this site to diarize and hopefully help others learn strategies to help when caring for a loved one.

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