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Busy Bank Holiday

It was a busy bank holiday as we had family over and everything went fairly ok until monday.

On a good note the info I passed on about ways to help avoide stressful situation when speaking to someone with the onset of dementia seemed to go well.

So I have decided to buy the book that information came from and it is on it’s way now from Amazon

Todays hurdle is to explain to my mum when my wife is coming with us to the district nurse.

It’s finally her appointment where instead of changing her bandage each week for her ulcer, the District Nurse is going to show my mum how to put on her new compression stocking.

We fear my mum will not be able to do this herself due to the difficulty of getting one on, so the Nurse is going to show us one or two devices that someone can you use to help her.

Not really sure how I feel about doing that myself, which is why my wife is coming along

Now just how to explain it to my mum…

One half hour later.

Well my mum is adamant she doesn’t need the compression stocking as she is fine with her bandage and doesn’t want my wife to attend.

Infact I have got the usual response which is “I just want to go home I want to go home now”

God this breaks my heart and I wish she was well enough for me to say go home mum, just go home.

Her memory is so bad however she really would be a danger to herself now if she lived alone.

She keeps forgeting she has a cup of coffee next to her and I continually have to microwave them to warm them up for her.

God forbid she put dinner in the gas cooker and forgot about it.

That’s the worry though, and I could never forgive myself.

So I have to find a way of of coping with these situations better.

Hopefully when the book arrives, it will give me the knowledge to do this.


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