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Saturday – A New Hope?

Following my recent discovery about anosognosia, I am going to run a test by printing out the 3 rules & their explanation I found on this facinating blog post, Contented Dementia and give them to my wife and boys as I am going to be away for a few hours.

Armed with this knowledge it will be interesting to see if these 3 rules provide any help when looking after my my without me being present.

The Three Rules taken from that blog post linked above are…

  1. Don’t ask questions. Almost any question requires the client to retrieve new information. If they’re unable to do so, they can become anxious and fearful.
  2. Learn from them as the experts on their disability. Assume that everything the client says or does has meaning within their world of limited memory and perception. If we don’t understand the pictures they’re acting from, their responses won’t make sense, but if we enter into their world with them and discover the meaning of their behavior, then we can act in a way that responds to their needs as they perceive them.
  3. Always agree with everything clients say, never interrupting them. First of all, disagreeing with clients requires them to access the pictures they no longer have, which can arouse significant anxiety. Second, it precludes our entering into their world, preventing us, the caregivers, from gathering information about their reality.




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